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Agia Pelagia Beach Guide

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The beaches of Agia Pelagia make this seafront town a popular tourist destination in Crete. Visitors to Crete love Agia Pelagia because of the fine sand on its beaches and because of its protected bay. No matter what time of the year, no matter how windy it is, the seas embracing Agia Pelagia are always calm and clear.

There are many beaches surrounding Agia Pelagia, and each of these beaches is unique in itself. Agia Pelagia beaches are sure to suit the individual tastes of every sun-worshipper ever to visit this part of Crete.

Popular beaches in the area of Agia Pelagia.

agia pelagia beach
Agia Pelagia Beach

filakes beach in agia pelagia
Filakes Beach

ligaria beach in agia pelagia
Ligaria Beach

mononaftis beach
Mononaftis Beach

1. Agia Pelagia beach. The main Agia Pelagia beach is a favourite amongst tourists travelling with families. The beach is sandy, dotted here and there with chairs and umbrellas to accommodate visitors who would rather lounge about than swim. Though the waters become deep so near the shore, there is a plate of rock where children can stay safely. Visitors who want to learn diving and other water sports will not find a lack of instructors in the area. For refreshments, there are various taverns and cafes fronting the beach.

2. Filakes beach. The beach of Filakes is a very small beach to the west of the main Agia Pelagia. This beach is under the Capsis Hotel (out of the blue luxury bungalows). This beach is very difficult to reach, but if you get there you will enjoy privacy.

3. Kladissos beach. Just west of the main Agia Pelagia beach lies the beach of Kladissos. This beach is ideal for those who want to avoid the summer crowds found in the central Agia Pelagia beach and in the other surrounding beaches. Kladissos is smaller, quieter, and more isolated, but still close enough to the town’s centre for visitors to enjoy a degree of convenience.

4. Ligaria beach. The Ligaria beach lies to the east of the main Agia Pelagia beach. It is a lot smaller than the main beach and it is quite far from the centre of the town. However, it is just as lovely as the main one and it also enjoys the same protection from the winds.

5. Mononaftis beach. The word “mononaftis” means “lonely sailor.” As its name suggests, the Mononaftis beach, found west of the Agia Pelagia beach, is peaceful and generally not as crowded as the other beaches in the Agia Pelagia area. However, unlike the other beaches nearby, Mononaftis is not protected from the winds.

6. Psaromoura beach. The beach of Psaromoura is a small beach to the west of the main Agia Pelagia beach that is more favoured by the locals more than the tourists. This beach is known for its quietness, but unfortunately it is unprotected from the north summer winds (meltemia).

7. Mades beach. The beach of Mades is a small beach to the east of the main Agia Pelagia beach. Around the beach is a lot of locals summer houses and a few shops, and up from of beach is the big luxury hotel Athina palace.


You are bound to find the kind of beach atmosphere in Agia Pelagia, whether it is the active, fun-filled kind or the peaceful and relaxing kind. The beaches of Agia Pelagia are definitely worth the visit !

map with the beaches near Agia Pelagia