In our traditional taverna with the amazing view Every morning you can have breakfast .Start your day like a king with our delicious breakfast!. And every evening Our summer nights are special with the traditional tastes and the unique recipes that We make with our products and our family WINE!!! (Traditional delicacies of Greek cuisine .Fresh ingredients from local producers consist the basis of all traditional Greek specialties that our guests can enjoy at dinner.)

Cretan Cuisine

Cretan cuisine is notably colorful, delectable and healthy to eat. The best experience for sampling the native dishes of Crete comes during the traditional fiestas that happen in the villages. In these fiestas, you can literally feast on great food, exquisite wines and lively folk music. seafood shrimps When on a holiday in Crete, go ahead and try these native dishes at the traditional tavernas:

• Dakos – rusk with olives, oregano, tomatoes and feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil
• Feta cheese
• Fried courgette
• Fried aubergine
• Gemista – courgette and tomatoes that have been stuffed with rice
• Greek salad – a mix of cucumber, onions, olives, tomatoes and feta cheese
• Horta vrasta – green vegetables that were boiled, then seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil

Seafood is also plentiful and tasty in Crete. At a Cretan taverna, you can help yourself to kalamari, which is breaded and fried squid; octopus, whether boiled, grilled or soaked in vinegar; shrimps cooked with a red sauce and cheese; and mussels.

As for drinks, the most famous Cretan drink is the Tsikoudia, a mainstay in tavernas and bars on the island. The wines of Crete have a unique and exquisite taste. The strong and stimulating Greek coffee is another must-taste.

Just like Turkish or Arabic coffee, Greek coffee is very low on caffeine. You can order either glykos coffee, which has two sugars; metrios, which has only one sugar; and sketos, the Cretan version of black coffee.

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